Wild Not Centered

Back when Brett Hull was named co-GM of the Stars, I wondered if he was being groomed to coach, but according to Mike Heika, that’s not the case (login info.): “Just so you know, Brett Hull does not want to be a coach in the NHL. He wants to change the game (commissioner?). He wants to improve a team (GM?). He wants his voice to be heard (analyst?). But he does not want to go through the sticky details of coaching. It’s just too much minutiae for him.”
So that’s that.
I haven’t been following the whole Wes Walz leaving the Wild thing very closely, thinking it probably wasn’t that big a deal. But the Wild are really missing the 37-year-old center. Specifically, they’re missing his defense, his faceoffs, and his forechecking. Two weeks ago, Wild GM Doug Risebrough said he wouldn’t seek out Walz. I wonder if that plan is being rethought.
Some guy went to 30 NHL games in 30 nights. I’ve lived in New York City over 30 years and I don’t think I’ve ever done five boroughs in five days, so I’m always amazed when people can do something like that.
Also, while I think most people understand the drain and turmoil players go through when they’re traded, Greg Logan has a nice piece about Freddy Meyer, waived by the Isles, claimed by the Coyotes, waived by the Coyotes and reclaimed by the Isles. That’s a tough month.
Finally, thanks to Neil Best for the mention in his Friday column. Also, while I’m selling myself, my RotoRob column is up.