S-Blocking A-OK!

Yesterday’s Times had a nice piece on the art of shot blocking. It even includes a nice graphic. Did you know Chris Drury is second (among forwards) in blocked shots in the NHL? Now we know why he’s not scoring.
If you like blocked shots, SI had a cool article on the topic back in February.
Also, I know Larry Brooks says Devils coach Brent Sutter won’t be pushed off the bench by either players or coaches, but Sutter’s really shockingly volatile, as seen against Tampa Bay:

Brent Sutter violently threw assistant John MacLean aside when MacLean began a heated protest of a penalty call that was rescinded for too many men in the third period Saturday. Sutter took up the protest and won the point.

“We only want one person to communicate to the referee and that’s the head coach,” Sutter said. “Sometimes emotions get into it. We don’t want what happened in the past.”

For a guy who doesn’t like checking lines, he sure does like a checking management style.