Fun With Owners

There’s some cool NHL management stuff floating around the Internet this week.
Boston magazine had an interesting piece on Charlie Jacobs, the man who runs the Boston Bruins for his father.
The article doesn’t say anything crazy. Basically that Jacobs is kind of a shy guy and that might not be the best personality to run an NHL franchise (the article also says Jacobs says Ray Shero, GM of the Penguins, was never the top choice for the Bruins).
Now, compare that to this New York Observer article about how hellish it is covering the Knicks (the Knicks and Rangers are owned by the the Dolan family).
It’s a great study in contrasts. One franchise seems like management might be too hands-off. The other seems like it’s too hands on. Although, to be fair, Sam Weinman, who covers the Rangers for the Journal News, says the Dolans, specifically son James, aren’t as nuts with the Rangers as they are with the Knicks.
Also, I hadn’t heard the rumors about Anaheim GM Brian Burke jumping to the Leafs (login info.), but seeing as he’s not crazy, I don’t know why anyone thinks he would make the move. I don’t even think Ken Dryden would take the gig anymore.