Iron Joe

Joe Sakic is crazy. Every time I look at his stats, I find something new and horribly impressive. Tonight he’ll miss his third game in a row. The last time he missed more than one regular season game? 2002-03. And before that? 1999-2000.
Also, the NHL is finally beginning to realize the Flyers seem to have some anger issues. They’re on double-secret probation (login info.). And not a minute too soon. A brief fight broke out between Daniel Briere and Sami Kapanen. During practice. The Flyers have run out of opposing players and have now turned on themselves.
Finally, on a happier note, Sam Weinman has a fascinating look at what the Rangers do before a game. Basically, they just eat and sleep. Says defenseman Jason Strudwick: “Were trained…We eat. We sleep. We’re like Pavlov’s dogs.”
Check out the article. It’s a great read.