Cap Decapitation

It’s funny. When the NHL first started with its salary cap, it didn’t seem like such a big deal, since everyone was starting from scratch. But now, a few years into it, you’re starting to see the challenges and constraints of the system. And while I’m sure NHL owners love the cost certainty, I can’t believe there’s an active NHL GM who doesn’t sometimes yearn for the old days, when there was some latitude to overspend.
Take Anaheim. They had to give away Andy McDonald in exchange for Doug Weight (login info.). Weight was the best option for Anaheim, in that he’s a decent player going off the cap next season. And McDonald is a huge building block for St. Louis.
But Anaheim isn’t the only team struggling with the “problem” of too many good, young players and veterans. Larry Brooks’ whole column is dedicated to the cap troubles the Rangers can look forward to next season.