NHL: ‘Don’t Push!’

Happy New Year, everyone!
Larry Brooks had a long rant about the complaints against New York Ranger Colton Orr’s open ice hit on Carolina’s Matt Cullen last week. Brooks wants everyone to relax, saying checking is a part of the game. I mention this all only because I was in South Carolina last week, watching the game on Fox Sports South, and I was really, really shocked at how the announcers were freaking out over the hit. I missed it live and based upon how they were reacting, I thought Orr had morphed into Chris Simon or something. I’m guessing over on New York City’s MSG Network, everyone was yawning over the hit.
Apparently, it’s all a bit subjective.
Today Tomorrow is the NHL’s outdoor game. Bob Costas is a part of the team calling the game (login info.). No doubt, he’ll have some great baseball stories to share.
I’m psyched for the game, though. Although, while I understand the need to spotlight Sidney Crosby, I wish they would have chosen to showcase him against a team more exciting than Buffalo. While the Caps are pretty brutal to watch, you have to love Alexander Ovechkin. And even though the Flames are struggling a bit, how can you not want to show off Jarome Iginla?
And how about that that Darren McCarty comeback? He’s with the UHL Flint Generals. I wonder if he’s hoping to eventually wind up in the NHL. I suspect this is more of a publicity thing. I wonder if his band, Grinder, will also stage a comeback.
Finally, Greg Wyshynski has a funny look back on 2007. Look for the Michael Stipe joke. You won’t regret it.