Flyers Continue to Rampage: Who Will Stop Them?

I know I joke about the Flyers being a crazed street gang, but it’s kind of not a joke. I know the NHL says says there’s no proof Flyers defenseman Derian Hatcher bit Travis Zajac’s finger, but I know who I believe. In fact, if you told me Hatcher bit the finger of Zajac’s mom, I don’t think you’d even get a ‘no way’ out of me. I’m actually more shocked when I catch a Flyers score and there’s not some sort of attack mentioned. I’m like: ‘Wow. They must have just finished a back-to-back.’
Also, the Boston Globe had a nice, short little piece on the rise and fall of Sergei Samsonov, now, and perhaps for the rest of his NHL career, playing for the AHL Rockford Icehogs. Although, according to the Icehogs site, they offer a $5 pork sandwich/beer combo. I don’t know if the players can take advantage of that, but that’s a great deal.
Also, my latest fantasy column is up: the Avs are injured.