Lucky 13

I guess pretty much everyone has heard Alex Ovechkin signed some kind of contract extension?
Thirteen years is pretty insane, though. I understand the desire to get one of the NHL’s best young players locked up, especially before other teams started making offers to the restricted free agent, but how can anyone in the Caps organization guarantee Ovechkin will be worth $10 million a season in 7 years or 10 years or 12 years? If Ovechkin is still an elite player then, it’s not an issue, but if any component of his game slips, or doesn’t develop as anticipated, how can Washington possibly compensate for whatever’s missing with such a big percentage of the cap tied up. The whole deal felt like it hinged on the NHL eventually moving up to a $100 million salary cap.
Look at Daniel Briere and his first of eight years in Philadelphia. After a super hot start, he’s slowed down, and become a bit of defensive liability (he’s -9), something coach John Stevens admits he needs to address (login info.). Briere is a pro, so it shouldn’t be a huge issue, but if does become an issue, Stevens can’t possibly bench a player who’ll be there for the next 7 seasons.
Now try disciplining a forward who’ll be there for the next 13. Bruce Boudreau has got to love this new contract.
At least there’s no no-trade.