“There’s Nothing Anybody Can Do There Now, Anyways”

Scotty Bowman needs a blog because this is the quote of the week: “There’s nothing anybody can do there now, anyways.”
That’s Bowman on the Leafs. I think it should be sewn on towels. The Leafs rather famously didn’t pursue Bowman as aggressively as they might have this summer. Given the Leafs current record, it seems they probably should have.
Bowman still works for the Red Wings. Speaking of the Wings, former Wing (and Flame) Darren McCarty is apparently a bit of an IHL draw.
Can you imagine if he got Steve Yzerman to sign with the Flint Generals?
Also, IN THE CREASE, the hockey documentary I mentioned way back in November 2006, is coming to Versus next week, a huge coup for the film. It’ll be on Versus Sunday at 4. It’s an interesting film &#151 definitely worth checking out.