Save the Goalies, Save the World

I’m surprised Martin Brodeur’s leaving the NHL’s competition committee wasn’t made a bigger deal. When you have one of the game’s best (ever) criticizing the league and its treatment of goalies, that’s a pretty powerful statement.
Dallas (for now) goalie Marty Turco is expected to take over for Brodeur on the committee. If I’m Turco, and I really want to protect goalies, I’m giving up the farm to protect the crease. I’d tell the committee I’m prepared to dramatically shrink down goalie equipment, like to early 90s levels, in exchange for considerably more protection in front of the crease. That would mean goaltender interference calls on anyone who causes it. If someone from my team takes down an opposing forward in front of me, knocking him into me? Guess what? Goaltender interference gets called against my forward. Three goaltender interference calls against a forward in a season would result in some kind of suspension, and that would escalate.
The thing is, Brodeur is right. No one cares about protecting goalies. I would argue the worst offenders are forwards and defenseman from the goalie’s own team. But if the league took strong steps to actually protect goalies, they wouldn’t need so much equipment. Not so much equipment means more goals. Safer goalies, more scoring, worse stats. It’s not all win-win for goaltenders, but it’s not bad, if I do say so myself.
Also, kudos to NBC for a fantastic job on Rangers-Bruins Sunday. Eddie Olczk and Pierre McGuire were better than I’ve ever heard them on NBC, calling out players (especially Ranger Chris Drury), breaking down plays, and just being an interesting, honest listen. I’m still not clear on former Islander GM Mike Milbury’s role on the telecast, but McGuire took a great shot at him for trading current Bruin Zdeno Chara and that was pretty funny. It was the first national telecast I enjoyed in quite a while.
Finally, my fantasy column is up. This week, I coin the phrase “Great Gonchar’s Ghost!”