Does Marleau Know the Way Out of San Jose?

San Jose Shark Patrick Marleau is supposedly on the block? He’s been rumored to be out of San Jose since the Sharks got Joe Thornton. I always kind of assumed the Sharks forgot they wanted to trade him.
Also, Neil Best reports Mike Milbury learned why most analysts try not to be too honest. After making some comments about the fragile psyche of Jaromir Jagr, Jagr wouldn’t sit for interviews with NBC Sunday. I can’t think of a better way to prove your psyche isn’t fragile then not doing something that’s part of your job.
Finally, congratulations to Cliff Fletcher, the Leafs’ new interim GM. The nice thing about this gig is that he really can’t make the Leafs any worse. And it’s got to be low-pressure to only have to trade players away, without the expectation of getting anything back. Nothing against Fletcher, who no one seems to think should run the Leafs in happy times, but they probably could have gotten an intern to handle this.