Losing Weight

This is a few days old, but shocking to me: Doug Weight wasn’t happy being traded from the Blues. After he told the Blues he wouldn’t waive his no-trade, they told him if he didn’t, they would cut his minutes. So Weight became a Duck.
Over in New Jersey, things are also messed up. Captain Jamie Langenbrunner got into a very public fight with coach Brent Sutter during Saturday’s Kings/Devils game. This, after Larry Brooks had this item in Sunday’s column:

So Brent Sutter, who’s all about accountability, misses the Devils’ first post- All-Star practice because of weather issues in Alberta after skipping Atlanta so he could spend time with his family, and somehow it’s all good?

Would it have been all good if, say, Kevin Weekes or John Madden or Patrik Elias had missed practice for a similar reason?

Just askin’.

The funny thing is, I was at Friday’s Devils game and one of my friends asked who coaches the Devils and another friend joked that it didn’t matter since he would be gone by March or April.
Maybe he wasn’t joking.