Quiet Captain

Here in New York, an interesting dynamic has developed, where it seems the fans have beef with the play of Jaromir Jagr and the beat writers are in love with him.
A lot of the stories in yesterday’s papers revolved around Rangers coach Tom Renney defending the play and attitude of Jagr.
One thing you hear from the fans is that Jagr isn’t enough of a leader. I used to think that, too, until I caught some kind of Mario Lemieux documentary on the NHL Network, which featured Lemieux’s return to the Penguins, once Jagr was captain. There was a great locker room scene with Jagr quietly talking to players one-on-one, telling them what they needed to do in the next period. It wasn’t dramatic or loud. It was just a boss telling his employees what they should be doing.
So now I’m back on the Jagr bandwagon.
Although, I will mention Jagr was pointless in last night’s loss to the Kings.
Oh. And how do the Ducks have cap space to potentially land Mats Sundin or Marian Hossa (login info.)? Don’t they have Chris Pronger? Scott Niedermayer? Teemu Selanne? Jean-Sebastien Giguere? I don’t understand how they haven’t hit the cap ceiling yet. Are the Ducks laundering money or something?
Finally, yesterday in the U.S. was Super Tuesday, a bunch of state-wide elections to nominate your party’s presidential candidate. Chris Chelios of the Red Wings, one of the greatest American-born players to play the game? He’s never voted.