Every Time That Flag Unfurls

The Times hockey blog had a breakdown, via HockeyWidgets, of where American-born NHLers are from in the U.S. Unsurprisingly, Minnesota, Michigan, New York, and Massachusetts, were the big states. It’s kind of good timing, though, as the Wild are going to honor Mike Modano, not only the American with the most NHL points, but also a Minnesota North Star for four seasons (before they moved to Dallas). It’s a classy move by the Wild.
(The Times also had a neat look at how many American NHLers play for their hometown team).
Speaking of classy, how cool is it that Peter Forsberg won’t play for the Red Wings because of the great Colorado-Detroit rivalry? In case you were wondering, Forsberg also won’t be playing with Mike Modano, although probably more for financial reasons (login info.).
Also, Mrs. PuckUpdate and I always wonder why athletes seem so prone to getting the flu. Apparently it’s not just athletes; it’s also broadcasters.