The Spirit of Satan

Coyotes assistant coach Rick Tocchet returned to the bench last night after a two-year suspension for his participation in a gambling ring.
Interestingly, the Coyotes are such big Tocchet fans, they held his job for him while he was gone.
I guess there are no substitute lines in the Coyotes budget.
It might take a while for the Tocchet magic to kick in, though, as they lost to the Blue Jackets.
Also, this is completely unrelated, but do people really think New York Islander Miroslav Satan is ambivalent about hockey? Because this seems pretty hard-core to me:

Satan accompanied the Islanders on this two-game road trip that continues Saturday in Minnesota. He acknowledged that he has a sprained right knee with partially torn ligaments. When he suffered the injury on Jan. 8 in Vancouver, he was told it was a six-to-eight-week injury. After missing one game at Calgary, Satan relied on pain pills to play the next 11 straight.

Whatever’s in those pain pills should be over-the-counter.