Boyle: ‘Don’t Label Me!’

Matthew Krendell had a brief chat with LA Kings center Brian Boyle, whom the Kings had play defense while he was down in the AHL. Boyle thought it was a permanent move, but it seems the Kings just wanted to improve the defensive elements of his game. I know I say this a lot, but the future of the NHL lies in players being able to play as a forward or as a defenseman, almost like some teams use a forward on the point for a powerplay. It makes match-ups more challenging and it makes rosters more flexible, something that is handy when you’re dealing with a cap. I doubt Kings coach Marc Crawford is actively moving to a positionally agnostic system, but if any NHL coach is going to, I would imagine it would be a run-and-gun coach much like him.
It’s kind of funny to talk about forwards playing defense amid rumors amid rumors Sergei Fedorov might be coming home to Detroit. Red Wings coach Scotty Bowman famously occasionally used Fedorov on defense, both to give the blueline some offensive pop, as well as to punish Fedorov into being defensively responsible.
Bowman saw the future before we even knew what a salary cap was.