The Big Picture

I love how GMs very rarely see the big picture. They’ll take a small edge today and give up something bigger for the future. I’m actually not even talking about the NHL. Look at what happened when the Nets tried to trade Jason Kidd to the Mavs and Maverick Jerry Stackhouse told everyone after the trade, the Nets would buy out his contract, after which he would then re-sign with the Mavs. How does working around the cap this way make things easier down the line? How does a GM think it’s helpful to have every other GM making these kind of backroom deals with players? And it’s not like NHL GMs don’t pull this kind of stuff. Watch the trade deadline and then watch how many players return to the team that traded them once the season is over.
Obviously, now that the details of the Mavs/Nets trade have seen the light of day, it seems like they’re going with a more conventional deal, but it just spotlights how shortsighted most GMs seem to be.
Meanwhile, the NHL is really in a nostalgia frame of mind. First, rumors Sergei Fedorov might return to Detroit. Now, just like the old days, rumors the Hurricanes are also interested in Fedorov. You might recall it was just about 10 years ago that Mike Karmanos, Hurricanes owner and sworn enemy of Detroit owner Mike Ilitch, signed Fedorov to an offer sheet that paid him $12 million for reaching the Stanley Cup finals, something Detroit was expected to do. Detroit bit the bullet and matched the offer, but it did make reaching the finals bittersweet for the Wings. It might have been cheaper to go out in an earlier round.
I’m guessing there’s less money on the table this time, though.
Also, as the Red Wings continue to struggle (they’ve dropped six in a row), they’ve got to be keeping an eye on ex-Red Wing Darren McCarty, who had a hat trick in his AHL debut. I suspect McCarty will soon be a Red Wing, for the emotional boost as much as anything. I don’t think anyone in banking on an NHL hat trick from him.
Also, a very sweet story out of Buffalo: The Zedniks were touched the way what seems like the entire city reached out to them during Richard’s injury and recuperation. Richard is back in Florida now.
Finally, my fantasy column is up. A lot of people are injured.