Return of the Mac

I’ve been heavy with Wings news this week. I’m not sure why. Actually, I think a lot of it is just being excited for Darren McCarthy’s seemingly successfully mounting an NHL comeback. The guy just belongs in Detroit. It looks like the Wings will sign him in the next day or so.
Speaking of spectacular comebacks, how about the Rangers blowing a five-goal lead to the Habs and then losing in the shootout? What a great game, though. I know there were some penalties, but I don’t recall a whistle over the last 30 minutes of the game.
Isles coach Ted Nolan impresses me more and more. He missed the first period of Monday’s game comforting his son over the death of a teammate. Nolan was back for the rest of the game and told the press, “Sometimes, there’s a lot more important things to worry about than a hockey game.”
You read all of those stories about NFL coaches, and how they see their families like two weeks a year. One of the thing that makes the NHL special is guys like Ted Nolan, who want to win, but who also see the big picture.
Finally, the Blues are mad the NHL is considering forbidding teams from trading players and then re-signing them when the season is over. I touched on this yesterday, but just to clarify, I was thinking more about a situation like Geoff Sanderson, who was traded to the Cancucks from Columbus in March 2004, and then, once the Canucks were out of the playoffs, was placed on waivers by Vancouver and then claimed by the Blue Jackets. I think those sorts of shady agreements have a lot more downside and are nowhere near the spirit of trading rules. It’s not a common thing, but something the NHL needs to watch.