Hossa Sharkbait?

Are the Sharks really interested in Marian Hossa? Interested enough to give up Patrick Marleau or Jonathan Cheechoo, plus prospects and/or picks? What with the Sharks out on the East coast, I’ve been watching more of them than I usually do, and you can’t help but notice their wonderful down-low game. They almost always have a forward, usually Joe Thornton, behind the net, dishing the puck up into traffic. Would Hossa be willing to set up in the slot like that? Or wouldn’t he rather be getting shots off of the rush? Hossa’s a big guy, and he can definitely establish position wherever he needs to. But does he want to? It seems like a steep price for an experiment.
Also, Peter Forsberg announced he definitely might or might not announce his NHL return/retirement within the next 2-196 days. PuckUpdate, as always, is there first.