Let’s Not Go to the Video Tape

So what is Chad Kilger’s end-game exactly? He’s been suspended by the Panthers for not showing up from Toronto. I’m kind of curious why Florida even wants him to show up. I thought they’d just pretend they weren’t expecting him.
Also, Mike Harrington has a funny take on the too-many-men on the ice call that wasn’t called against Buffalo Tuesday night. He says, and Lindy Ruff agrees no doubt, to get over it, and that things often don’t get called that should. Obviously, Buffalo has heard this refrain before. Still yet, it brings up the idea of video replay in the NHL.
To be honest, I’d much rather have a few blow calls then long game delays while people look at video. But I’m pretty shortsighted. I often shoot my TV rather than find the remote to switch it off.
Spector reveals a waiver secret I wasn’t aware of: players can be claimed on re-entry waivers after the trade deadline, but the player can’t be played. I’m impressed people know this stuff.
Finally, Elkin’s goalie school has a new feature where they ask goalies at all levels of play to discuss their pre-game rituals. This kind of stuff fascinates me, and it’s especially interesting to hear from goalies, who are so mysterious. It’s shocking to think they do mundane things like eat breakfast. For whatever reason, I tend to picture them spending their pre-game time in coffins.