They Could Have Been the Chicago Blackhulls

OK. Daylight Savings Time is really kicking my butt. I don’t know how, but I managed to skip ahead like six hours. I feel like a LOST character. Still. I must press on.
How cool is it the the Blackhawks finally honored Bobby Hull and Stan Mikita? And how crazy is it that it took so long for it to happen? Were people that upset over Hull going to Winnipeg? Because I have to say, my pet theory is that Bobby never would have left the NHL if a league team had changed its name to his.
Also, what’s with Islanders coach Ted Nolan and goalies? Is there another coach (other than Mike Keenan) who loves a goalie controversy more?
Finally, I wanted to see Nicklas Backstrom score on his own goalie to blow a Caps game to the Penguins. Of course, it’s up on YouTube, and it’s heartbreaking and whatnot, but the video also has one of the greatest comments I’ve ever seen:

Wouldn’t it be sweet if this was like WWE wrestling and it was a double cross, and the next game Backstrom came out with a Pittsburgh Jersey on?

jku250, you’re a genius. And that would be awesome.