Longer Season, More Golf?

The NHL is crazy if it’s really considering a longer schedule. Is the 82-game season somehow not grueling enough? The only way this makes sense is as a cap workaround. Like it’s two more games for “retired” players to re-sign at mid-season and play their way into shape (Ducks! I’m looking at you).
I know the idea of the longer season was kicking around during the All-Star game, but to be honest, the fact that the Times had a small item on it makes me think this is a possibility.
Also, here’s something else I don’t get. The Rangers are going to open next season in the Czech Republic against the Lightning, right? But look at who’s signed for the Rangers next year. And then look who isn’t. Jaromir Jagr’s contract incentives won’t kick in so he’ll be an unrestricted free agent at the end of this season. Marty Straka isn’t signed. Marek Malik probably won’t be back. Michal Rozsival is an unrestricted free agent. Petr Prucha is the only Czech Ranger who’ll definitely be on the Rangers roster next season. I know the Rangers brand is international, but it might be a little weird if the once Czech-heavy Rangers show up in Prague without any big Czech names.
Also, in addition to being fun, apparently hockeyfights.com is a bit of an NHL teaching tool.
Who knew?