Emery Untradeable?

Oh wow. This is pretty interesting. The Senators can buy out goalie Ray Emery next season at just one third of his remaining salary. Apparently, that widely cited CBA fact that buyouts cost a team two-thirds of the money remaining contract only applies to players 26 and over. Emery is 25.
I don’t know if I would buy out Emery, even at a cost of just $2.25 million over four years (twice the amount of time left on the contract). I would think Ottawa could find someone to take Emery. He doesn’t have a small contract, but I’ve seen worse. And he could probably thrive given a change of scenery and a decent alarm clock.
Also, up in Buffalo, there was a Teppo Numminen sighting. Unfortunately for the Sabres, though, he didn’t skate. Obviously, that’s not great for a Buffalo team that’s one of four Eastern conference teams trying to fight for that last playoff spot.
The Islanders, by the way, aren’t one of those teams trying to grab that last spot. They’re sending goalie Rick DiPietro for an MRI on his hip. If the MRI finds anything, they’ll most likely shut him down for the season so the injury can be addressed. But just the fact that they’re willing to consider the possibility of shelving their number one goalie shows the team is pretty much resigned to a playoff-less season.