David Pollak has a nice history/overview of the Spin-o-rama. Relatively new San Jose Shark defenseman Brian Campbell is a big fan of the move. He’s even scored with it.
Pollak credits Blackhawk Denis Savard with popularizing the move, but I think you have to give a lot of credit to the video game BLADES OF STEEL, which I believe was the first one to feature a Spin-o-rama move.
Also, while this is the time of year where we traditionally talk about successful teams, I’m going to change that up and talk about unsuccessful teams.
Over in Columbus, Bob Hunter is happy Blue Jackets coach Ken Hitchcock isn’t happy with his improved-but-still-not-in-the-playoffs team.
Over in Florida, the big question is if the Panthers recent winning streak is enough to let coach/GM Jacques Martin keep his job. Or one of his jobs. I’m wondering if Martin is wondering if there’s a way to pin everything on Mike Keenan again.
Finally, happy birthday to former Rangers radio voice and Hockey Hall of Famer Sal “Red Light” Messina. Hockey is a tough radio sport and Messina had an uncanny ability to make you feel like you were actually seeing the game, rather than hearing it. And it didn’t hurt that he was from Queens.