Homophobia Sucks!

The Times has an interesting (and surprising) article about homophobia at Ranger games, in the form of ugly chants.
I’m not a Rangers season ticket holder, but I can’t recall having heard some of the homophobic chants the article cites. In fact, in terms of homophobia, I think the general trend, across sports and stadiums, of putting some kind of kiss-cam on two guys so everyone can laugh is way more offensive. And way more universal.
Still, I was disappointed the Rangers chose not to take up an offer by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network and the New York City Gay Hockey Association to craft a public service announcement for fans on how to behave at games.
Here’s where I’m kind of stuck. As tickets get more and more expensive, the class of the people who can afford to attend changes, and, to make a broad generalization, I would wager the higher prices bring in a group of people less likely to chant homophobic things. So while the behavior at the Garden might change, there’s actually no education taking place (which is why something like a PSA might be a nice gesture). But should we have to price fans out of a sport for people to not be jerks? I don’t want to think that’s the answer.