Draft Busts

Ted Montgomery has a look at NHL draft busts. I’m not sure what the hook is for the story since we’re right in the middle of the push for the playoffs, but I kind of don’t care. I’m fascinated by athletes not living up to high expectations.
Interestingly, two of the bust picks mentioned in the article (Jeff Jillson and Jamie Lundmark) now now play together on the AHL Lake Erie Monsters. It’s like an All-Disappointment team (depending upon your perspective). Also, the Lake Erie Monsters have a goalie with the best goalie name ever: Mike Wall. If I were an NHL goalie, I would totally change my name to that. Or at least my last name.
Also, Boston Bruin Mark Savard has a broken bone in his back and the Bruins are saying he’ll miss at least one more game? Apparently I greatly overestimated the severity of the broken back injury or Savard is the toughest man alive. When I read the story, I was waiting to read that his career was over. So that’s great news for the Bruins, since Savard basically sets up goals for everyone else.