When I Say Freeze, You Just Freeze One Time…

So after last night’s games, it looks like the Western Conference playoff picture is all set. I’m most excited about the Calgary-San Jose match-up, which pits two great, uptempo, puckmoving teams against one another. I’m thinking that series is really going to be something special (please ignore last night’s Sharks regulation loss to the Kings, though).
The Eastern Conference is still getting settled. The Flyers are on the outside of the bubble and need to run the table over the next two games to get in. If things stay as they are now, though, the East will have some very interesting match-ups in the first round. Washington-Pittsburgh? That’s like an NHL marketing dream. Montreal-Boston is a great throwback series. And Rangers-Devils is good just because of the local rivalry.
I wish Gary Bettman had the power to just freeze the playoff standings when there were some nice looking games like this. Like he just says, ‘OK. Season’s over. This looks good. The playoffs start tomorrow.’ He could even try it during the first week of the season sometimes, just to keep teams on their toes.