Rangers-Devils: ‘What Neutral Zone?’

Did you hear the playoffs started?
I watched Rangers-Devils last night and it was strange. A lot of play in both ends, but not a lot of shots. It was like both teams were trapping, but giving everyone a free pass through the neutral zone.
And what is it with the Devils lately? They just completely lose focus in the third period. The Devils gave up the game-winning goal when Martin Brodeur froze in his crease and simply didn’t play the puck quickly enough. The Rangers took game one, 4-1.
Over in Denver, Joe Sakic had only one shot on goal. Of course, since it’s Joe Sakic, the one shot was the game-winner in overtime. Goalie Jose Theodore was shelled, taking 20 of his 30 shots in the first two periods. He held on well, though.Can someone finally declare the Theodore-for-David Aebischer trade a success for Colorado?