Playoff Shockers!

I don’t know who was more shocked by Nashville’s comeback win over the Wings — me or Detroit?
Nashville scored twice in nine seconds in the third to beat the Wings 5-3.
Do you want an interesting tidbit? Detroit goalie Dom Hasek has allowed two goals in less that 2 1/2 minutes three times in the last two games. It’s not fair to put this all on Hasek, though. His defense could be more helpful. Like Nashville’s game-winner came during a defense change. I’m not sure you should change if you have an offensive player streaking over the red line. It might be better to wait.
I like how Hasek is about one game away from turning into a scapegoat (relatively undeservedly) while Curtis Joseph, whom Hasek replaced/pushed out in Detroit is a playoff hero. And of course, we all love that Calgary coach Mike Keenan has broken the seal on playoff goalie switching. We’ll probably see Joseph and Miikka Kiprusoff rotating in and out of the crease like it’s an open mic night.
Speaking of shocking, how about Marian Hossa finally scoring during the playoffs? While I’m sure the good people of Ottawa were upset to see the Senators go down three games to none, at least they finally got to see Hossa score in the post-season. It’s almost win-win. Almost.