Hasek: ‘Take Two! They’re Small’

So Red Wing goalie Dom Hasek continues to give up back-to-back goals. In last night’s loss to Nashville, the two goals were within 32 seconds of each other, which is actually better than the previous two games, where he up gave back-to-back goals in 11 seconds and nine seconds.
It’s a huge thing for the Predators, who basically get two points for one goal.
Hasek was pulled for Chris Osgood, setting the stage for a good, old-fashioned goalie controversy (if a playoff penalty shot is the most exciting play in hockey, then I have to go with a goalie controversy as the second most exciting).
Chris Osgood had a great season. He’s already won two Cups in Detroit. He’s not the most exciting goalie in the NHL, but he’s steady and consistent. At this point, I can’t see a reason not to give Osgood the starts. And to be honest, given his regular season record, and given Hasek’s break-dancing style, I might have started Osgood over Hasek before any of this back-to-back stuff came up.
Also, I’m guessing there will be some off-season changes in Ottawa, after getting swept out of the first round by the Penguins. The rest will definitely do the Penguins good, but I think they’re going to be way overconfident for the second round. I think at least one loss would have served the young Penguins much better. Now, they’re waiting for the other shoe to drop and who knows how the young team will react.
Also, just why does everyone care if Maxim Afinogenov gets traded out of Buffalo?