Goodbye, Mr. Smith

I understood why the Stars traded away goalie Mike Smith as part of the Brad Richards deal, but I was slightly concerned that trading away a potential franchise goalie would come back to bite Dallas. Stars goalie Marty Turco had some of the makings of a big-game goalie, but he’s never seemed to step-up in important games.
Turco sure stepped up last night against Anaheim. He had 27 saves, giving up the only goal with less than 10 seconds to play.
Of course, as good as Turco was, Anaheim helped out with lots of turnovers. Interestingly, two of the more defensive teams in the playoffs, New Jersey and Anaheim, have both been pretty loose in their own ends. It’s too bad both teams face elimination. If they were to somehow both wind up in the finals, it would be like a 10-9 final score.
Also, Scott Moore, executive director of CBC Sports, has a blog. It’s very interesting stuff. In this post, he challenges the theory that the CBC hates the Canadiens.