Ovechkin Forces Game Seven

Obviously, Alex Ovechkin was having kind of a quiet series against the Flyers. Of course, when this guy finds an opportunity, he really finds an opportunity. He scored the game-winner off a turnover in the Caps end. The Flyers had led the game by two goals and this was the second game where the Flyers coughed-up a two-goal lead.
Mike Wise credits Flyers coach Bruce Boudreau for keeping the Caps calmly motivated, even as they fell behind three games to one. He also credits the spirit of Dale Hunter, which is nice. I think it’s more an issue of Ovechkin finally adjusting his game. He saw you can’t really make your own plays in the playoffs, so he’s just playing smart and waiting for chances, rather than trying to force something to happen.
Game seven should be pretty crazy.
Also, Montreal finally finished the Bruins. As Bob Ryan says, the Bruins should really be impressed they made it as far as they did. No one expected this series to be as tight as it was. Ryan also says the series really lifted the profile of the Bruins in Boston, which is pretty impressive. I guess the epic collapse of the Patriots to the Giants opened up some room in people’s hearts.