Wings-Avs Rivalry: ‘We Can’t Come to the Phone Right Now. Please Leave a Message’

What can you say about last night’s 8-2 Detroit round two clincher over the Avs?
Obviously, Johan Franzen dominated, with a hat trick and nine goals in the series.
Obviously, everyone agrees it’s time for Peter Forsberg to hang up his skates (and not take them down again to return to the NHL).
Obviously, the sweep/rout pretty much killed the Detroit-Colorado rivalry.
Obviously, the Avs have a lot of decisions to make about next season’s roster.
Of course the Wings weren’t the only Detroit team clinching a playoff round with a blowout. The Pistons also did it.
In New York, the Rangers lived to play another game, blanking Pittsburgh 3-0. Say what you will about Jaromir Jagr, but there are very few players in the NHL who can decide they want their team to win and then pretty much go ahead and make it happen. This was the Penguins first playoff lost, but is it too little too late? History says yes but one variable is that Pittsburgh goalie Marc-Andrew Fleury has been pretty awful. Pittsburgh’s round two record is more a tribute to the inept play of the Rangers and a Pittsburgh defense that swarms their own goalie. Fleury loves to leave rebounds in the crease and he seems pretty easy to beat glove-hand high. He’s often out of position and when he scrambles, he tends to hit the ice very early. He’s also part of the growing legion of NHL goalies who love playing the puck when one of his own defensemen and one of his opponent’s defensemen are about to fight for the puck behind his net. He’s looked very beatable to me. Not that we’ve seen it happen very often in the playoffs.