A Tribute to the Beat Writers

Today is dedicated to the beat writers, the unsung heroes of the NHL. And honestly, the guys who supply most of my content.
Tim Panaccio says the worst thing about covering Peter Forsberg in Philadelphia was all of the medical drama. Panaccio says the Denver writers weren’t/aren’t fans of the Forsberg beat, either.
Also, how crazy is it that the Flyers are going to Eastern Conference finals? Did anyone pick the Flyers to do anything this year?
They’ll be playing the Penguins, who beat the Rangers yesterday afternoon. Everyone pretty much saw that coming after the Penguins took the first three games. And that had a lot of the writers thinking about Jaromir Jagr, and if he’ll play in New York next year. Sam Weinman seems like he’ll miss Jags, as does John Dellapina.
Compare those to Jagr’s exit from Pittsburgh. I don’t quite feel the same love.
Finally, Alltop is a news aggregator based on inspired by popurls. They have a hockey version. It’s pretty cool.