Pennsylvania: ‘Let’s Get Physical, Physical!’

Before the playoffs started, I would have laughed at the idea the Penguins could play as physically as the Flyers. But one thing about the Penguins is they’ve really allowed their game to evolve in the post-season. While their series against Ottawa was like an exhibition game, their round two play against the Rangers grew tighter and more physical as the series progressed. And one of Pittsburgh’s best backcheckers? Evgeni Malkin. I was blown away by his two-way game.
Meanwhile, while the Flyers are probably always going to have a physical edge to their game, they used a shocking amount of speed, speed I didn’t know they had, against Montreal.
The Eastern Conference finals will be interesting.
The Western Conference finals will be interesting, too. I’m interested to see if Dallas goalie Marty Turco will get his first win at Joe Louis Arena. I’m not sure if this matters, but to be fair, Turco’s never played a post-season game at the Joe.
Also, Chris Botta, the Islanders’ vice president of media relations, has resigned. Normally, I don’t even notice these kinds of moves, but Botta had a pretty nice blog about doing PR for the Isles. His resignation isn’t mentioned on the blog yet but hopefully Botta’s replacement will continue it.