Leafs: ‘We’re Proactive. We’re Looking Three Firings Ahead…’

OK. In case you were wondering why the Leafs are such a mess, here is a nice example of how things roll in Toronto:

  1. Fire your coach (some people call him Maurice).
  2. Float a name as a possible GM (David Nonis, fresh off of his victorious tour through Vancouver).
  3. Float another name (Brian Burke of the Ducks), who’ll replace the previous name, when the third name’s contract expires.

Basically, the Leafs have not hired anyone yet and are already looking to replace them. Not only that, they’re canning a coach without a GM. What if the new hire was content to let Maurice finish out the year on his contract?
Adrian Dater is already floating Colorado coach Joel Quenneville as a good coaching option for Toronto.
My main objection to that is I really don’t want the NHL to become the incestuous fired-coach carousel that is the NBA. There are like 31 NBA coaches. It seems like no one new ever comes in; at best, a coach sits out a year before returning to the league. And that just adds to the parity. The NHL does not need that.