Roy Ready to Rumble…At the NHL Level

Larry Brooks really thinks the Rangers need to do what it takes to re-sign Sean Avery. This isn’t a huge story, but I find it surprising, just because Avery’s not a great player. Brooks points out the Rangers’ record with Avery (60-28-15) and without him (35-38-8), but I can’t explain it. Avery is physical, but there are a lot of physical NHL players. He doesn’t have a lot of speed. He doesn’t have a great shot. He doesn’t have an accurate shot. And his hockey IQ can be a little lacking.
But I don’t know. Brooks really seems to like him. Maybe he’s angling for a job at Vogue.
Also, Patrick Roy wants to coach the Avs, which means Jose Theodore might want to think about some kind of martial art or boxing training this summer.
Also, Greg Wyshynski is blogging at Yahoo! Sports. The blog is Puck Daddy and it’s the usual great stuff Greg’s done over the years, just hosted at Yahoo!