Wilson Leaves the Bay Area

What does it tell you about the lack of drama so far in the Western Conference playoffs, that San Jose coach Ron Wilson getting fired is way more interesting than Detroit defeating Dallas. Again.
It seems Wilson was fired mainly for his inability to move the Sharks deep into the playoffs.
Wilson’s a great coach. I suspect he might fall short on the human end of the coaching scale, rather than the Xs and Os part. It’s something he should work on at his next stop (Atlanta would look great playing his down-low cycling style; especially Bobby Holik). But in a lot of ways, I think he would be the perfect assistant coach. He wouldn’t have to worry about people. He could just focus on getting all kinds of technology to do his bidding.
Oh. And Sharkspage picks Barry Melrose as the next Sharks coach. I’m all in favor of anything that gets him off of TV.
Also, given Dallas goalie Marty Turco’s performance last night in his team’s loss to the Wings, you kind of have to feel that everything is once again as it should be. Turco struggles in the playoffs, as seems to be his destiny.
His performance issues (although, to be fair, he’s been way more solid than not), seem very correctable, though. How is it that the Stars cruise through the playoffs when everyone is picking them to leave and the second expectations of winning emerge, the team loses its focus? I’m no Dr. Phil, but surely someone in the Dallas organization has noticed this, right?