Dallas: ‘No Broom for You, Detroit’

Wow. That was some game four last night in Dallas. I was exhausted watching the third period.
Surprisingly, despite all of the up-and-down play, Dallas played the Wings much tighter, complete with a new checking line (and complete with Joel Lundqvist, who’s become a catalyst for both defensive lines and with Brad Richards on an offensive line; he’s the Swedish Forest Gump of Texas hockey).
Once again, Dallas benefited in the post-season from someone in the crease. This time it was a goal being waved off after Detroit’s Tomas Holmstrom was found to have his butt in the crease. Obviously, the NHL needs to look at officiating this summer. I don’t have a horse in the Western race, but it looks a little strange for a brand new call to emerge during the playoffs. If butt-in-the-crease is going to become an NHL call, officials need to start calling it during the season. And yeah. I’ll say what everyone is thinking: the tone of a lot of calls has subtly changed since Sir Mix-a-Lot stepped down as the league’s director of officiating.
If Dallas wants to make a series of this, they better hurry before Johan Franzen, out with concussion symptoms, is back in the line-up. He resumed workouts Wednesday, so I imagine he could be back pretty soon.
Also, this is something Detroit people might know, but that I didn’t realize: Scotty Bowman and Wings coach Mike Babcock speak every game day. Bowman is a handy name to have on your speed dial.