Granato Reclaims His Old Job

Wow. I totally did not see this coming: Tony Granato is back in as coach of the Avs. His first go-around lasted from December 18, 2002 to the end of the 2003-04 season. He wasn’t fired the first time (he’s not a fan of the f word) but he did wind up an assistant coach in the Colorado organization. And now he’s back, presumably now able to effectively coach in the post-season.
I hope Granato gives a call to Larry Robinson, who had a similar rise-fall-rise with the Devils, coaching for three seasons, getting fired a change of duties, and then becoming head coach again. And then (spoiler alert) quitting in disgust with his team.
Also, Red Wing Johan Franzen is still questionable for Saturday’s game one, but he’s been practicing and coach Mike Babcock seems pretty impressed. It’ll be a huge break for Pittsburgh if Franzen isn’t ready, if only for just one game.