Pittsburgh: ‘And You’re Sure the Red Light Works?’

The Penguins seem to have lost all composure very quickly. Perhaps it’s the result of cruising through the first three rounds of the playoffs. Whatever it is, they seem like a completely different team now. Taking cheap shots. Complaining about officiating. Not shooting the puck.
Penguin Evgeni Malkin came out and said he’s tired. I’m sure that’s true and I’m sure the playoffs are extremely tiring, but you still have to play. But maybe the run-and-gun game Penguins coach Michel Therrien is insisting the Penguins play isn’t the best way to go. Dallas played Detroit well when they went into a defensive posture. I’m a little surprised the Penguins didn’t start the series playing a similar type of game. If they slow things down, there’s no guarantee they’ll score, but at least they can keep Detroit’s opportunities down.
Chris Pronger says Therrien should get Malkin, Sidney Crosby, and Marian Hossa out on one line and force Detroit to shut them down. He also gives a lot of credit to Detroit’s defense. I was just pleased Pronger’s column didn’t call for any leg snaps.