Penguins Try to Get Mojo Rising

So the Penguins are hoping some Mellon Arena mojo (they have not lost there in the playoffs) is enough to turn around their post-season fortunes. Also in Pittsburgh’s favor? The Wings don’t have the best record with 2-0 series leads.
One thing that might actually be a factor for the Penguins is that they’ll have last change at home, which presents the chance to get the Crosby line away from Detroit’s top Pavel Datsyuk-Henrik Zetterberg-Tomas Holmstrom line. I’m not a big fan of line-matching, but that has to help Pittsburgh.
Terry Jones says the Penguins remind him of the 1983 Oilers, who were swept by the Isles but then became a dynasty. I think it’s a bit early for that comparison, given that the Penguins have neither lost the series nor shown to be a dynasty. But it’s an interesting thought.
Also, not a lot of newspapers (US and Canadian) are covering the finals. I think it says way more about the state of newspapers than the state of hockey.