Through the Television Glass…

Red Wings coach Mike Babcock’s big plan for game four? Just watch the minutes for the Zetterberg line.
There’s not much news today since the NHL limited player access yesterday, making only four players from each team available. Drew Sharp isn’t a fan of that move.
While NBC’s game three ratings were relatively good, they weren’t super good. I don’t think NBC is going to start showing summer hockey (although, ironically, NBC will be showing SUMMER HOCKEY, a David Schwimmer vehicle where he plays a former NHL player who finds a hockey coaching job in Cambodia in August). The NHL playoff ratings in Detroit have been beating the NBA, though. I don’t quite understand TV ratings, but I think a third of Detroit was watching either the NBA or the NHL Wednesday night.
Speaking of TV, who knew HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA is the opposite of the NHL on NBC. Apparently HNIC, led by Don Cherry, has some kind of odd vendetta against Crosby, with everyone going out of their way not to mention him. So basically, if you combine the US and Canadian broadcasts, you get one normal sports telecast. Watching each on its own? Nothing but a bizarre obsession with one player manifesting itself in different ways.
And since it’s never too late to think about off-season trades, Kevin Allen reports that if, as Allen believes, Scott Niedermayer and Teemu Selanne stay with the Ducks next season, the Ducks will probably have to move some players to fit under the cap.
Finally, John Dellapina reports the Rangers January 1 outdoor game at Yankee Stadium is not quite dead yet, although it seems like it’ll be very difficult to pull-off, in terms of logistics. Something that no one has brought up yet? New York was freaking warm this winter. Guess the temperature last January 1. Go ahead. For real.

51°. If we have another winter like that, the game will last seven minutes before it turns into synchronized swimming.