Game Seven Tonight — Game Eight Friday?

I’m thinking of calling Monday/Tuesday’s game five ‘game five/six’, since it pretty much went six periods. I’m not sure if it will confuse people, though.
Chuck Finder had a great piece looking at what the Penguins did between all of those periods (ate oranges, bananas, power bars, and pizza) and features a Max Talbot quote on the rigors of three overtimes that might make him the Yogi Berra of the NHL: “Physically, it’s more mentally than anything.”
Michael Rosenberg checks in with just why the game five loss was so rough on Detroit. Detroit still has two chances to clinch, but Pittsburgh is going to have a lot more jump in their game tonight. Hopefully, the puck won’t be jumping too much: The crew in charge of Mellon Arena ice is working hard to keep the ice in decent condition. People were slagging on the Mellon ice before they realized it was pretty much just as bad in Detroit. Global warming is kind of hurting hockey. For more on this, see my PowerPoint presentation AN INCONVENIENT ONE-TIMER.
Also, what’s with Pierre McGuire? During gave five, he revealed Penguin Petr Sykora had said he would score in OT (during the OT). This was McGuire’s thought process on that:

“When Petr Sykora did what he did, he banged the glass twice and he pointed at himself, ‘McGuire, I’m going to score.’ I’m saying to myself, ‘Should I put that on the air or should I just hold off and not embarrass the kid?’.” McGuire said. “And I said, ‘You know, I’m going for it. I’m putting myself out there.'”

How exactly was McGuire putting himself out there? By reporting what he heard on the bench, as he’s paid to do? If Sykora didn’t score, did he somehow think he would be blamed? Who has the awkward job of explaining to McGuire that while he does announce the game, he’s not playing or coaching the game. He has nothing to do with its outcome.
Pierre: If you’re reading this, I’m sorry you had to find out this way.
Also, John Tortorella was officially fired from Tampa Bay. No confirmation if he was told by the guys decorating his office for Barry Melrose. San Jose’s Patrick Marleau, always the subject of trade rumors, could be heading to Columbus. Also out of San Jose, former Isles GM/current NBC talking head Mike Milbury spoke to GM Doug Wilson about the Sharks coaching job. David Pollak says he doesn’t think it was very serious, but just the same, I’ll say a little prayer for my west coast friends. Ex-Sharks coach Ron Wilson was offered the Toronto coaching job. He has yet to accept. He might decide to go with dental surgery instead.