Detroit’s Cup Runneth Over

The crazy thing about game six was that neither team seemed to be playing anywhere close to 100%. In a lot of ways, it reminded me of game five. Detroit was buzzing around goalie Marc-Andre Fleury but they could never really put away Pittsburgh. Luckily, Pittsburgh played like a demoralized team for huge stretches, once again not really waking up until the last few minutes of the third. With a little more poise, though, I think Pittsburgh could have won the Cup. Pittsburgh’s lack of focus was the big clue that this was a young, inexperienced team. They never found that extra gear in game six. Well, they found it. They just couldn’t stay in it.
Drew Sharp writes the Wings’ victory helps eradicate the myth of the weak European player. He obviously didn’t win the Cup, but I would add Pittsburgh’s Marian Hossa as also helping to dispel that myth. The book on Hossa is that he disappears in big games, but the last few minutes, he was just a machine, even almost managing to single-handedly tie game six in the final two minutes. Unless he just figured a few extra late-game goals might bump his next contract. But I’m trying not to be cynical.