Malkin Sick; Stevie Y Stays Classy

My favorite part of the end of each round of the Stanley Cup playoffs is when the losing team reveals its injuries. It’s like a big mystery is solved each round. Over in Pittsburgh, the big reveal was Evgeni Malkin played the finals with some kind of flu that made it hard for him to keep food down.
Over in Detroit, the mystery of Steve Yzerman was solved. I was a little curious why we didn’t see him after Detroit clinched. The reason? He didn’t want to take anything away from the players. Classy. But Stevie Y needs to realize he’s management now. It’s all about stealing attention and taking credit. Someone get that guy an MBA!
Also, this is a scary thought: Not only do the Wings have the contracts and cap space to keep their team together next season, but they should even have space to add a big free agent. Like maybe someone whose name rhymes with Nats Tundin?
More good news? Game six rated well in the U.S.. I suspect the NHL is looking into ways to have the Wings and Penguins play each other in the finals every year. I’m not sure if the other owners would go for that, though.
Bad news? Sami Kapanen retired from the NHL. He was moving down the Philly depth chart and didn’t want to uproot his family with a trade, which is pure Kapanen — the desire to work tempered by selflessness.
Finally, John Dellapina had a report on the rumor ex-Tampa coach John Tortorella would come to New York to coach, with current Rangers coach Tom Renney moving into a management position. The super loyal Tortorella, who turned down a chance to coach the Rangers while an assistant in New York, out of loyalty to John Muckler, told Dellapina he thinks Renney is doing a great job. Tortorella’s name comes up a lot here in New York, though. If he doesn’t find work this summer, his name will certainly come up when the Rangers go into their first swoon.