Hasek Hangs Up His Skates

I guess the only surprising part of goalie Dominik Hasek retiring is that it’s the sane, obvious thing to do. That’s just never been Hasek. And I kind of don’t believe he’ll stay retired anyway. Look at his Detroit career. He retired from Detroit once. He came back. He left. He signed there as a free agent a season later.
Drew Sharp says the Wings should retire Hasek’s number. That seems excessive to me. Unless Sharp thinks if the Wings retire the number, there’s no chance Hasek will come back. If that’s what Sharp’s thinking, that’s pretty smart.
Hasek said watching Pittsburgh goalie Marc-Andre Fleury in game five reminded him of his 70-save shutout over New Jersey in the 1994 playoffs. I wonder if that helped Hasek decide to hang up his pads.