The Four Stages of the Coaching Life

Yesterday we saw the cycle of coaching lives in the NHL.
There was birth, in Detroit assistant Todd McLellan getting his first NHL coaching gig, for the Sharks. I have no idea what kind of coach he is, but coming out of both the Red Wing and Wild organizations gives him a very interesting pedigree. And given that pedigree, it seems like defense would be a priority for him.
There was life, in Red Wings coach Mike Babcock getting a three-year contract extension. Only three years? I kind of thought he would get a permanent appointment.
There was death, in fired Kings coach Marc Crawford speaking to Rich Hammond about getting canned. Both Crawford and Hammond were surprised by the firing.
There was also rebirth, as former Sharks coach Ron Wilson spoke to the media for the first time as new coach of the Maple Leafs. His most interesting comment was that it’s much easier to develop young talent in San Jose, where there isn’t oppressive media coverage of the team’s every move and hiccup.
Finally, although not related to NHL coaching, Joe Sakic’s been seen working out in Denver, perhaps a sign he’ll be back next season. Not to bum out the good people of Denver, but it could also mean he likes to work out. Mrs. PuckUpdate works out and she has no NHL aspirations.