Usually Just a T-Shirt

I’m sorry but I just can’t get excited about the NHL’s awards. Not when they’re missing a Best Performance in Drawing a Whistle award. Not like Sidney Crosby needs more hardware or anything.
After the awards ceremony, Tarik El-Bashir from the Washington Post went to a party for Alex Ovechkin’s clothing line. He reports the party was pretty crowded. Here are some pictures. Not to veer into FashionUpdate territory, but isn’t Ovechkin’s line just variations on a black t-shirt? I almost feel like I could build a line from a black t-shirt.
I’m not sure if they’ll be selling t-shirts, but over in St. Louis, they’re building Hockeyfest ’08 around the NHL draft. It seems like it’ll be a nice way for fans to connect with Blues past and present. Tickets will be $20 for adults and $10 for kids which is shockingly reasonable. More and more NHL teams are figuring out that you really have to sell the sport from a grassroots level. This seems like a neat idea.
Speaking of the draft, did you know Michael Jordan had entered it?