Isles and Yashin Reconciling?

Alexei Yashin returning to the Islanders? Would anyone be happy with that? Would the Isles be happy to have him back in the locker room? Would GM Garth Snow be happy to be paying Yashin even more money on top of what Yashin got in his buyout? Would Yashin enjoy being the focus of Isle Nation hatred again?
Yashin must still be dating Carol Alt and looking to come home so he can actually see her. That’s the only way this makes sense.
By the way. The lovely Ms. Alt is a product of Flushing, Queens. I knew there was something I liked about her.
Also, Larry Brooks looked at NHL officiating in light of the NBA’s recent controversies. Brooks says that while the Penguins weren’t given a free ride into the finals, the amount of calls and non-calls they got during the playoffs makes everything look a little dodgy, even if it really wasn’t.
Brooks also says the Capitals are low-balling defenseman Mike Green, which seems insane to me. How many nights was Green the only Cap scoring option whose name wasn’t Ovechkin? Just give him decent money and lock him down.
Speaking of signing important players, Joe Starkey wonders if the Penguins, should they sign Marian Hossa, will have enough space to hold onto Evgeni Malkin. Which is pretty funny, since the Penguins were one of the NHL teams asking for a salary cap so they could afford to hold onto their young talent. I suspect Pittsburgh will manage to work something out. I don’t think Malkin would be one of the first players overboard to make room for Hossa.